Uncover the yieldrivers of your investments.

Yieldrive sets itself apart by empowering investors with actionable ESG and financial data and a proprietary AI, to uncover the underlying yieldrivers of publicly listed companies, enabling a deeper understanding of their performance and potential for growth.

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Professional level analytics available to everyone

Yieldrive's proprietary NLP (Natural Language Processing) and extensive database draws on over 80 million documents and text segments from more than 500 billion data points on the world's leading publicly traded companies. Yieldrive's data coverage includes major global exchanges, regulators, data platforms, news and social media, rating agency reports, and scientific research.

Learn about your


Through our step by step platform, you can quickly identify ESG leaders, easily filtering them according to investment themes, sector, rank and region.



Dig into the DNA of companies and quantify the financial impacts of ESG on operating results and company value.

Engage in transparent discussions


Utilize this comprehensive knowledge, presented in concise and detailed valuation reports, to monitor companies, provide updates to boards or clients, or support your academic studies.

Intuitive, user friendly and intelligently automated

An extensive volume of fundamental data that would otherwise only be available by subscribing to several different services. Get comprehensive valuation analysis, detailed company snapshots, and consensus estimates easily with the click of a mouse.

Bridge the largely qualitative world of ESG and quantitative data analysis.

ESG factors such as new regulations, a scandal or even a new product launch, impact companies outlooks immediately. Therefore, these news adjust Yieldrive´s calculations of companies financial ESG values daily.

Generate powerful research, advise clients or enrich your own portfolios.

Most features in yieldrive can be customized and white labelled to suit your specific needs – from researching individual companies or building portfolios and saving them as templates or benchmarks – you can navigate the markets uniquely to your approach.